April Stitch-along Round Up

April was another busy month here at New Leaf. We’re busy planning ahead for fall and winter already! You will not be seeing Christmas in July here though. That’s just not on. Let’s get right to our stitch-along round up!

This month I stuck completely to the color palette. Shocker, eh? *wink wink* What I did do, was change up what I was actually stitching; or rather how much of it I stitched.

Namaste, Baby!

Thread painting is a methodical process. I love the texture and depth it brings to embroidery. What I didn’t love was how much time that one petal took me to do. So out came the Prismacolors and I got to work adding another dimension to my embroidery with colored pencils. The blending and shading took some time, but not nearly as much as filling in each petal would have been.I

It looks like I was the only one stitching the lotus flower this month. The pattern will be available on the blog here if you didn’t pick it up and still want it. If I see any late entries I’ll try to add one to this post.

A slightly closer look!

Next month we’ll be posting something for mother’s day, so be sure to check it out!