Backing Fabric

Backing fabric. What is it? Why do I need it? Where do I get it? Whaaat?

I’ve been using backing fabric for ages and it truly never occurred to me to talk about it; it was just something I did automatically. That is until someone asked me, what’s with that second piece of fabric back there? So let’s chat about it!

What is it?
► An extra piece of fabric behind my stitching. I usually use a piece of muslin, mainly because it’s inexpensive and it isn’t going to show. You can use pretty much any cotton fabric. I wouldn’t recommend using anything with stretch to it, like a knit fabric.

Why do I need it?
► It provides stability for the main piece of fabric where the design is; especially if that fabric has a bit of stretch to it or is on the thin side.
► It helps to keep the threads on the back from showing through to the front of your finished piece.

Where do I get it?
► You can purchase muslin at nearly all craft stores that carry fabric.
► If you are purchasing a kit from us you will find it already included! Yea!

Here are some visuals so you can see what all this is about.

Side by side – backing fabric on the left.

I try to keep the pieces about the same size but it’s okay if the backing is slightly smaller or larger.

Place the backing fabric over your hoop.

Ultimately you want both pieces of fabric to match up as best you can before you put the hoop together.

From the back – both pieces in the hoop

After your pieces are settled into the hoop be sure you adjust both of them so you are wrinkle free on top and bottom and drum tight.

Both pieces sandwiched together in the hoop and ready to stitch.

Some final thoughts: You don’t need a backing piece of fabric, but it’s nice to have. Finishing the hoop with two pieces requires an extra step as you need to deal with the backing first. I’ll tackle how I finish my hoops in an upcoming post.

Remember! Going forward all kits from us will include backing fabric! Yay!