May Stitch-along Round Up

May’s stitchalong went super fast as I wanted to finish it before Mother’s Day. I experimented with a new (to me) technique, using watercolor paint and salt.

I started by painting some water color where I wanted it.. making it as wet as I could without it bleeding across the design. Then I sprinkled salt over it.

First steps

I think I used too fine a grain of salt. I think a larger grain would produce a larger pattern. The salt absorbs the watercolor pigment. It may not have worked as I hoped because it’s fabric, not paper.

The highest concentration of salt on the red did work a bit, as you can see below.

Salting the green
Adding the stitches

Here’s a look at my finished piece.

Tattoo style!

That’s it for this month. Next month will be a simpler design as it’s become super hectic for us as we have some new additions to our family.

Halifax and Moya – 8 week old Australian Shepherds

See you in June!